Fueling Success: Top Ways To Promote Healthy Competition In Workplace

Do you believe that innovation comes when team members collaborate or share ideas in a workplace? Well, we as one of the top job consultancy at Bangalore, believe that healthy competition in workplace can motivate employees to thrive better in the competition. But, you must know the right way to do that. In this blog post, we have revealed a few ways that can make your work environment succeed with growth. Keep reading!

How To Promote Healthy Competition Between Teams In Workplace: Blog Poster

What Does Healthy Competition In The Workplace Mean?

You must have seen companies that have a collaborative work environment often successfully taps employee engagement and make the best out of it in the social realm. However, healthy competition in workplace, at no point means staying just competitive ahead of your team members. It is more about sharing projects, ideas, innovations, and creatives to boost teamwork. 

However, if you feel that ideas are not flowing as much as they should be. Then why not think of offering friendly competition at your workplace? ☝️

Cube Consultancy Services, as one of the best HR services in Bangalore and payroll services in Bangalore, healthy competition that focuses more on team achievement and recognition. That cultivates team spirit from a positive attitude and mindset. 

But, at the same time, too much competition can ruin the contest. As more than 43% of employees leave a company where there is a constant push and a need to up their game. So, balancing healthy competition in workplace is crucial.

9 Effective Ways: How To Create Healthy Competition At Work Place?

If you are the business owner or a leader of your company, then you must foster a positive company culture. Where your employees feel confident, motivated, and productive in their job roles. Thus, encouraging healthy competition among team members to reach their goals. 

So, these are the top ways of creating and fostering healthy competition in workplace -

Healthy competition in workplace infographic

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1. Setting Clear Goals For Encouraging Collaboration

If you often make your employees compete against each other, thinking that will create a better workforce. Then, you need to stop immediately as too much competition can lower employee morale. 

Instead, encourage communicating clearer goals to employees where teams can work together, leverage towards common goals, and achieve them. Clear and measurable goals help employees evaluate their performance and achieve long-term success rather than engaging in competitive rivalry.

2. Provide Recognition And Awards

Imagine, you have worked hard for the past few months for the success of a project. And, when the work comes to an end and has actually become successful, you do not receive your share of recognition.

How does it feel? Not right, isn't it? 

Well, the same thing goes around with your team members who give their best in the work. That is why, you should recognize and give valuable feedback to your teams about the good work they are doing. You can create badges, hand over awards, or even provide a social media shoutout to keep them power-charged in the future. 

Besides that, if your team fails in achieving their set of goals, then instead of giving them negative feedback, you can encourage them to try better next time.

3. Organize Activities For Team Building

If you are a leader then you can boost team spirit and productivity by developing departmental contests and fun games to encourage friendliness and skill-development initiatives.

It can be fun for your employees to engage in creative and fun things other than work. It is also one of the best ways to discover the hidden talents of your employees.

4. Offer Attractive Incentives

Do you know that incentives are great motivators? 

Yes, that's right! Employees who work hard with friendly competition in the workplace deserve encouragement. Therefore, you can pair team lunches, fun Friday outings, or even mix light-hearted games with a department, gift cards, and coupons.

Thus, you can kill two shots with a single arrow innovation and team-building.

5. Encourage Learning Opportunities By Proper Training

Investing in a workplace culture that sustains and promotes healthy competition for the long term is essential. That is why, you should encourage your teams to participate in learning and training programs.

This can be done both under mentorship and self-learning possibilities for the employees to put in more effort to stay ahead of the curve.

Healthy competition in Workplace training program pic

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6. Open Communicative Progress

"Effective communication is the key to success", don't you feel this is true? 

Your healthy competition in the workplace must define channeling communication processes both internally and externally. There should be a level of transparency among team members where they feel comfortable sharing ideas, beliefs, concerns, and feedback. 

Thus, laying the foundation of internal competition that is healthy and strategic.

7. Track Employee Metrics Transparently

Doesn't seeing your name on top of the scoreboard feel good? 

Of course, it does, right? 

So, imagine how motivated your employees will be to work hard when they see their hard work reflected on the leaderboard in front of others. Therefore, keeping transparent records of employee metrics or benchmarked performance of someone open can help the team grow together. 

8. Provide Opportunities For Talent Showcasing

An integral aspect of healthy competition in workplace, is giving equal opportunities to employees to showcase their talents. Every employee has unique talents that differ from one another and tapping on the right talents can also help your organization to succeed in the race. 

You can motivate your teams to put forward what they have learned from their last projects, or how they are going to implement the positive things at work. You can also keep a challenging session where employees can show their talents together.

9. Glorify Others Growth

Do you know that people are less motivated than someone at their level if there is no recognition of their contributions?

Well, that's correct! That is why, you can ask your company's leaders to create competitions that inspire people to work hard by seeing examples of fellow employee's growth in the company. 

Thus, you should be happy about other's growth in the company and not just yours. 

Employees happy over success pic

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Competition is more healthy and effective if it is valuable and meaningful. There are several ways to keep healthy competition in workplace by giving hand-written thank-you notes, peer recognition, and fun activities. 

Therefore, giving and receiving appreciation among employees can help you retain your loyal team members and foster a positive work environment. 

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