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Stuck in a remote set-up and can’t manage employees effectively? Try these tools for internal communications and thank us later!

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Internal communication is an important factor in the success of any organisation. Be it a small business or large, there must be proper divulgence between the superiors and the subordinates. However, not many companies follow this which results in increased employee turnover rates and poor performance. Here’s where the best hr consultancy in bangalore comes to the rescue.

Cube Consultants offers excellent hr services in bangalore, like recruitment, training & development, management, etc. But, have you ever thought about how this job consultancy makes it? Ever since the global pandemic took place, almost every business has shifted online. It has led the employees not to deliver their best because of a lack of communication. 

Hence, we recommend using some Internal Communication Software for Business so that there is proper conveyance between you and your employees. Without wasting more time, let’s delve into the topic!

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What are some must-try internal communication tools in 2024?

1. is not purely an HR software but is still a very important tool for employee management. It is a workflow instrument to scale an organisation. When it comes to internal communication, this one never disappoints.

It helps you manage deadlines, HR workflows, and resource tracking. It has built-in characteristics like tagging, commenting, notifications and alerts, approvals, customisable dashboards, email, integrations, likes, and so on. 

To make optimum utilisation of tools of internal communication like this, benefit of their ‘docs’ feature. Here, you can construct cooperative or read-only company manuals, checklists, etc. It also allows you to build ‘request forms’ to help your employees address their issues and grievances. 

This Internal Communication Software for Business has several project management integrations, like dropbox, Gmail, GitHub, Jira, Zapier, Typeform, Slack, Google Workspace, and many more.

The pricing starts at $8 per month for a single user and a free trial is available.

2. Workvivo

Workvivo is one of the popular internal communication tools designed to instil engagement and emotional connection between the employees and your company culture, no matter what their location is.

There are communication features such as an intranet, engagement platform and communication hub, combined into a single network. You can use tools for internal communications like this to host live video streams, such as meetings.

SMS push notifications can be sent to staff for critical communications. There can be multimedia interactions with everybody. One can even host podcasts to help employees dive deeper into the company culture and work ethics. 

Workvivo offers you customised pricing upon your request. You can avail of a free demo through their official website.


3. PeopleOne

PeopleOne is one of the internal business communication tools that aim to improve employee engagement and divulgence. It has some predefined features available, such as IT, Facilities, Business Teams, and others. These delivers important news, holiday calendars, events, and wellness information.

This Internal Communication Software for Business uses Microsoft Office 365’s SharePoint to enable the distribution of corporate affairs, news, events, and other announcements. The superiors can connect with the subordinates for conveying important stuff.


4. Workmates   

Workmates is one of the best internal communication tools designed to facilitate cross-departmental cooperation. For doing so, it utilises built-in org charts and customisable communications channels.

It also has a Content Management System (CMS) to manage and share company information faster. One can push through important announcements as a segmented audience list and even mark them as important.


5. Staffbase 

Staffbase is one of the internal communication methods in an organisation developed to solve employee communication challenges. For this, it arranges for uniting diverse teams in multiple locations.

The staff base experience studio enables the editors to plan, create, and publish content and also measure their performance. This Internal Communication Software for Business is mobile-friendly and helps editors add local content without any tech skills.


6. Blink

Blink is one of those internal company communication tools that features an extensive employee directory. From their name to contact details, profile pictures, job titles, and location, everything is handled by this software. Its workplace analytics features help analyse which communication methods are working.

Blink allows sharing photos, videos, audio, blogs, and newsletters to the newsfeed for more employee engagement. The pricing starts at $3.40 per month for one user. You can also avail yourself of a free demo upon request.


Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What are the devices of Internal communication? 

Here are some devices for internal company communication tools.

  • Messaging and Chat
  • Intranet
  • Knowledge Management 
  • Collaboration Tools
  • File Sharing 
  • Team Bonding
  • Voice and Video Conferencing

2. How many types of internal communication are there?

There are total 8 forms of internal communication in company culture, such as

  • Leadership
  • Change 
  • Information
  • Crisis
  • Two-way
  • Peer-to-peer
  • Culture
  • Campaign

3. What are internal communication methods?

Internal communication refers to the communication between employees and superiors. The subordinates share their views, opinions, and grievances with their managers through this method.

4. What is the future of internal communications?

CEOs are now prioritizing communications way more than before. Hence, internal communications tools and tactics are gaining much importance now and will be more in trend in the coming future.

5. Why do internal communications fail?

The main reason behind the internal communications failure is the lack of clear goals and objectives. Also, the lack of hard work, listening, and communication skills between employees is the root cause.

6. Which technique is used for internal communication?

The Corporate Intranet Platform is a technique used for internal communication. It is nowadays one of the most used communication channels by businesses.


In this article, we talked you through the best corporate communication tools for internal communication. These are not only the trends in 2024 but also of the upcoming future. There are several other software which is now launched and many others are yet to come. By using these, you’ll facilitate your employee divulgence and avoid all misinterpretations. 

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