A Complete Employee Offboarding Checklist: 9 Best Practices And Process Template

Like onboarding new hires in an organization, the employee offboarding process is a crucial aspect of the Human Resources department that many companies overlook. However, as the best recruitment agency in Bangalore, we will say that departing former employees is equally important. This helps in reflecting a positive company culture while mitigating several legal risks. So, here is a complete employee offboarding checklist that you must follow for exiting employees of your organization. 

Employee Offboarding Process And Checklist: Blog Poster

In the employee onboarding process template, the HR department of an organization invests ample time in onboarding new hires in a company. This includes a seamless induction process that gives the employees a clear picture of their new job role and what to expect from the company. 

Similarly, if you run a company then you must expect your HR department to invest similar time and interest in creating an employee offboarding process checklist. This will ensure that you maintain good relationships with your former employees even after they leave your organization.

So, let's discover what is offboarding process and why is it important for your company in the next segment of the blog. Keep reading!

What Is The Offboarding Process In HR?

The employee offboarding process is a simple yet formal procedure that many companies follow when an employee applies for resignation and leaves the company. It encompasses various tasks like exit interviews, payroll clearance, and return of company assets by the current employee before leaving the organization.

As the top HR services in Bangalore, we would like to draw your attention to the employee offboarding checklist. Which includes a smooth transition between your offboarding employee and the company so that they leave on good terms. 

Employer discussing employe offboarding process

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Why Is Employee Offboarding Checklist Important? 

Your offboarding experience of the employees leaving your company must include everything that an offboarding checklist includes. But, first, let's look through the significance of the employee offboarding process and why it needs your urgent attention. 

Reviving Company Reputation

Maintaining an employee offboarding checklist not only makes your team members happy with the process. But it also helps to preserve your company's reputation in the wider business landscape by reflecting your brand's professionalism. 

Transfer Of Responsibility 

Another important reason why offboarding is important is that it allows your former employee to transfer their responsibility and knowledge to your other team members within a given time frame. This ensures that there are no disruptions in your ongoing organizational projects.

Ambasssadoring For Future References

As you already know the first impression always counts. But, did you know that the last impression equally matters? 

That's right! For instance, if your employee during his tenure in your company has key moments. Like a first working day, team building activities, fun Fridays, first salary, deserving promotions, and a smooth offboarding. Then, he is more likely to have loved working in your company. 

Thus, he would act as your company's brand ambassador, referring your company to the vast talent pool that will attract more genuine talents. 

Mitigates Legal Compliances

Just like the onboarding process, you need to maintain a solid track of your offboarding process to mitigate several legal risks and penalties. This may include following a structured offboarding process like clearing final dues, and benefits, and documenting exit. 

Former Employees Increase Customer Base

Do you know that your former employees are also your customers even after they leave your company? 

Yes, it is true! Maintaining good relationships with your team members during their employee lifecycle in your company and ensuring a smooth offboarding will give them a satisfactory experience. 

So, no matter what business you are into, it is important that your former employees remain with you as loyal customers.

After all, who can be a better adviser to your brand than your past employees as your supportive customers? 

Increases Security

Maintaining a proper employee offboarding checklist is equally important for security reasons. According to research, almost 89% of former employees still have access to company assets and documentation, working elsewhere. 

Therefore, tightening your risks of security threats. That is why, your offboarding process must include, removing your past employees from your various company property and access. 

Your Way To Employee Offboarding Process Or Exit In Simple Steps

Are you wondering what is offboarding process in HR? Or, how does the process of departing employees look like? 

While, it depends majorly on the industry you are working in. But, here are a few common practices that you can follow to offboard employees -

Employee onboarding process

1. Communicate And Notify The Departure

You might want to hold back the news of your employee leaving until you are sure about it. But, it is best to communicate the departure of your employee as early as possible across your stakeholders, team members, and managers. 

This will help you to gain the trust of your new employees and to maintain transparency. Not just that, it would also prevent your employees from indulging in office gossip. 

2. Acknowledge And Thank The Employee Before His Exit

Don't you think you should appreciate your leaving employees while they are exiting your company towards a new career goal? 

Of course, you should give them their due respect. So, you can start with a small farewell party where you are thanking your employee for their hard work and efforts. Also, do not forget to mention that your company will miss their presence and congratulate them on their new life. 

This will motivate your future employees to work for your company. 

3. Collection Of Company Property

You must ensure that your employee offboarding checklist template has the key point to collect all important company assets from the leaving employee. 

For example - your HR department must collect all important documents, papers, keys, access cards, and equipment before they finally exit. 

4. Make Sure For A Proper Knowledge Transfer

You must know your employee's daily tasks before they leave the company, whether you have someone to fit in their existing position or not. Make sure you know the things they handle from day to day in your company. 

If you are unsure about the process or find it difficult to ask their successors to fill in the position. Then, you can ask your offboarding employee to share a knowledge transfer video or handbook. So that, it doesn't disturb your workflow.

Another benefit of a positive offboarding is that you can ask your ex-employee for help regarding a topic after they leave your organization. And, trust us, they will be happy to share the information with you. 

5. Revoke Access To Company Systems

Your company may have confidential data, that you surely would mind leaking out, right? 

That is why, you must revoke your former employees' access to your company's software, data, and equipment. Like removing them from the CRM systems, access dashboards, communication software, and content databases to maintain safety. 

6. Consider An Exit Interview

Once you are done with the offboarding process, it is best to spend some confidential time with your leaving employees as this can help you with many things. 

Consider conducting a one-to-one exit interview with your former employee over Skype or in person. Your employee may share valuable feedback on your company from the ground level that you can later use to rectify the areas of problem. 

You can ask questions like this in the exit interview with your former employee -

  • What made you decide to leave the organization?
  • How was your growth rate in my company? 
  • How would you rate the work culture of this company on a scale of 10?
  • Did you face any problems in your department during your tenure? 
  • What recommendations would you like to share for the improvements?

Thus, conducting an exit interview is a must in your employee offboarding checklist.

7. Update And Clear Final Payments And Benefits

Just like revoking your employee from your company's access, it is also important that you settle their final payments before they leave. Though, payroll software has built-in functionalities, but there is no harm in double-checking everything, isn't it? 

So, ensure timely wages and benefits and communicate the vacation, paid leaves, and sick leaves they have taken transparently with your ex-employee. Also, don't forget to resolve their doubts on the same. 

8. Arrange A Farewell

Just like the induction process when a new employee joins your company through an onboarding checklist, you must also include a farewell to your going employee. This will improve employee experience and satisfaction.

You can give a small farewell party in that employee's department, thanking him for his exceptional performance. You can also arrange a few awards and rewards to acknowledge them. 

9. Keep In Touch

Do you know that a positive offboarding experience can help you even post offboard to communicate with your former employee? 

Absolutely, yes! Always ask them to keep in touch even if they join any other company. This will help you to facilitate inquiries or further assistance from the employee if needed in the future. 

Employee shaking hands with employer

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What Are The Common Offboarding Mistakes That You Can Avoid?

Do you feel that your organization's HR department is making common offboarding mistakes?

Here are a few tips on how you can avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future. 

  • Ensure effective communication throughout your various departments about the offboarding process. This will help you to maintain a smooth workflow without delays.
  • Do not fail to comply with legal compliances like documenting final pay and benefits. Thus, take a step ahead to avoid legal problems.
  • Do not rush the offboarding process, this will lead to overlooking important aspects of your employee offboarding. Instead, take time to properly evaluate everything. 
  • Do not overlook transferring knowledge and work processes from your employees to their successors before they leave your company. This will lead to discontinuation and misunderstandings in the work process. 

Complete Employee Offboarding Checklist That You Can Follow

We at Cube Consultancy Services, have created a helpful employee offboarding checklist for your help. You can follow this HR offboarding best practices or even adjust it according to your preferred needs. 

Employee onboarding checklist

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You must carefully consider an employee offboarding checklist to sort out things between your company and your former employee. This will create a stress-free and hassle-free environment for everyone. 

So, if you still do not have an employee offboarding program, it is your time to start now. 

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