How to Choose the Right HR Consultancy Firm

Struggling with increased employee turnover? Want to hire the most skilled workers? Learn How to Choose the Right HR Consultancy Firm.

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With large business comes great responsibility. This applies to smaller ones too! Owners have to look after the end-to-end recruitment process, training and development, and so on. Don’t forget about the compensation and email handling tasks! All of these make the superiors drained. Here’s where Cube Consultants come in the best hr consultancy in bangalore

If you’re looking for affordable hr services in bangalore, you can trust us. From paperwork to emails, and holiday requests to data entry, everything is managed by our job consultancy. But, ask yourself one question before pairing up with us. How to Choose the Right HR Consultancy Firm? There are a lot of things you should keep in mind before partnering with a staffing agency.

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How to choose the best hr consultancy firm

1. They understand small business hr consulting

Corporates and small start-ups are different from each other. Most HR professionals gain expertise from working in a corporate set-up. This doesn't necessarily make them suitable for small business hr consulting.

Hence, ask for the references of the previous companies they’ve worked in whenever you tie up with a staffing agency. Check if they’ve practical experience working with small business hr software or not. 

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2. They’re qualified as members of the CIPD

The CIPD stands for the Chartered Institute for Personal Development. It is the governing body for hr consultancy services. By doing so, you’ll analyse if they’re suitable and meet the required standards. Simply ask them for a copy of their membership certificate. It should be less than a year old. 

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3. They’re there for help at the first ring 

This is the most important aspect of How to Choose the Right HR Consultancy Firm. Remember that an hr consultancy firm is called when a business hits a problem that it alone can’t manage.

The HR professionals give solid advice which helps the business owners tackle the situation in the best way. You know you can contact this certain agency and not any admin or a call centre. 

See if they’re readily available when you call them at a time of urgency. Most hr services in bangalore have this slogan “We’re just a call away!”. However, do they pick up a call or respond to your mail when you need them the most? 

This is an ideal test of the best hr consulting companies. Please note that sometimes, the HR specialists might not be available handy due to other urgencies. But it shouldn’t happen often.

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4. They offer hr consulting services for businesses

Always go for an agency that is not essentially related to employment law. For example, these could be recruitment, training and development, health and safety, compensation and remuneration, etc. If not, see if they have a network of professionals who can help you with that.

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5. They offer the real-world and practical solutions 

An average HR consultant would show you an employment law quotation when there’s a problem. Employment jargon is neither helpful nor safe. It can be pretty dangerous if you misunderstand the terms and conditions.

But, our job consultancy at bangalore puts playing and simple English before you to help you understand the laws clearly. We’ll not confuse you by using complex and technical terms.

Test a potential hr help for small business by asking these questions. Enquire about the recent changes in employment law, such as the National Living Wage or their views on the Brexit employment law effect. This is where a proficient hr support consultancy stands apart from the crowd. They would explain everything systematically and in plain terms. 

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6. They are honest 

Go for an hr and payroll consulting company that is genuine. They should let you know if they’ve made any mistakes in the past or breached the employment law in some form. Most small business hr consulting firms train their employees to say the ‘right’ thing so that they can be in your good books.

However, this is where you understand How to Choose the Right HR Consultancy Firm. They are open about their flaws and shortcomings. If you’re not satisfied with this too, ask for references for surety. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How do HR consultants charge?

In general speaking, hr consultants for businesses can charge up to Rs. 1000/- per manpower supplied. Some even charge by hour or project. For instance, some charge 100$ per hour.

2. How do HR consultants find clients?

An hr consultancy firm finds clients mostly through social media, cold emails, digital marketing, or referrals. Some common online strategies include content marketing, website optimisations, pitching, and so on.

3. What to know before starting consulting?

Consider the following before starting hr and payroll consulting.

  • Having the certification
  • Finance management
  • HMRC registration
  • Pricing
  • Creation of a business plan
  • Marketing Plan 

4. What is the difference between HR and HR consultants? 

The hr consultants for businesses are outsourcing experts employed to create strategies for various HR operations, including recruitment, training & development, entries, etc. An HR manager, on the other hand, is an internal employee responsible for managing recurring and strategic HR.

5. What are the characteristics an HR must have?

A proficient HR professional must possess these three qualities.

  • They must have strong work ethics and avoid partiality 
  • They should be disciplined and have strong verbal and communication skills
  • Time management is a must and strong expertise in their particular area is required 

 6. What area of HR pays the most? 

These areas in HR pay the most.

  • Manpower Planning
  • Job Analysis
  • Performance Management 
  • Safety and Health
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Industrial Relations Building 
  • Onboarding and Training


In this article, we came across some crucial points regarding How to Choose the Right HR Consultancy Firm. However, there’s a lot more you need to think about before hiring an hr and payroll consulting agency. Keep reading similar blogs like this to know more about Human Resources. You can get in touch with cubeconsultants if you’re looking for the best hr consultancy in bangalore.

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